Pastor Jonathan is a Board-Certified Pastoral Counselor and member of the American Association of Christian Counselors serving the Greater Seattle area. Having grown up in the Pacific Northwest he a has heart to see the people of this great region grow and mature into the individuals God designed them to be and as a long time resident has the understanding of the unique challenges facing those in the Pacific Northwest. From a young age it was apparent that Pastor Jonathan was destined for ministry and at the age of 12 felt the call to ministry. His journey however has not been an easy one as the fervor of youth lead him to make decisions that would delay his pursuit of ministry and in the process cause many instances of heartache. It is that heartache and delay that through Christs influence, Pastor Jonathan finds his greatest strength in ministry.

Pastor Jonathan is a multiple time graduate of Liberty University, graduating with a Master’s Degree in Pastoral Counseling, discipleship and Church leadership as well as Bachelors Degrees in Religion and Psychology. Along with Counseling, Jonathan brings over a decade of ministry experience and leadership to his work, having spent significant time in men’s and youth ministry as well as church planting.

Pastor Jonathan along with his wife Abigail have a blended family of five children ranging from 9 to 18 years old. Their journey to one another and to the place of ministry together has not been a smooth one. However, through the tough circumstances God has used that journey to uniquely equip them for the ministry of healing the broken hearted and leading his sheep. It is their mission to bring individuals a deeper understanding of who God is and an awareness of their identities in Christ. Through the application of these biblical principles, individuals develop a greater understanding of who God is and as a result experience a deeper level of healing.